Maya’s Bones!!

August 28, 2010

Maya Bullmastiff Rescue Barn

Maya with her bone

So, I’ve been here for just about a week …. and I really love “The Rescue Barn” as my home-for-now. It’s all country with nicely fenced yards so I can’t get into any trouble.

My room (yes, I have MY OWN room!!!) has a view of the pond and the sound of the early morning birds makes it a comfortable, no stress setting for a temporary home away from home. I don’t know anyone who likes stress!! I’m looking for a home just like it is here, quiet and stress-less-without-stress… with really nice people to share my waggy tail with. 🙂

Maya Bullmastiff Rescue Barn

Maya at the Rescue Barn, enjoying her bones

I’ve met a few people during the week, most want me to play nice with their other pets. I’d much prefer to be an only pet. 

I am attractive, cute and fun (did I mention that I’m cute?!). I’m small and take up very little space, but my heart is HUGE! I like the marrow bones that they get for me at the Butcher and I spend most of the day sitting by the air conditioner, chewing my bones and watching television. I have it made!!

Maya Bullmastiff Rescue Barn

Maya, Bullmastiff Rescue Barn

Do you have a television?

Maybe you like giving belly rubs to cute dogs?

Might you like to go for walks.. possibly with a very cute, blonde dog?

I know just the gal for you… me!!



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