Super Sweet Maya, what a TREAT!!

August 21, 2010

Rescue Barn, Fawn Female Bullmastiff "Maya"

Rescue Barn, Fawn Female Bullmastiff "Maya"

We welcome “Maya” to The Rescue Barn!! What a sweet gal she is. 

Hello!!! I’m “Maya”, a darling fawn, female Bullmastiff with a delicate and gentle heart. I was brought to the Rescue Barn for placement by my generous family who sadly could no longer keep me. I’m happy to be at The Rescue Barn, they have so much fun here out in the Country… I’m absolutely in good hands!

Rescue Barn, Fawn Female Bullmastiff "Maya"

Rescue Barn, "Maya"

I am 4 or 5 years old and as cute as a bug. I have the sweet look of a puppy that everyone will adore. I weigh under 100 lbs and can you believe, Dean and Mary say that I have some cute “pudginess” about me. I will be working toward getting into better shape while I’m here, I don’t want to be known as “the little fat one”!!! I have a creamy, fawn coat and carmel colored eyes. 

I’m really the one they should call “the cute blonde” 🙂

I enjoy car rides, belly rubs, daily walks and quiets nights watching TV by your feet. I’m no trouble at all. I’m quiet, calm and mind my own business. I require only super close friendship and plenty of cookies! Don’t let my size fool you, I promise to watch over and protect you day and night.

Rescue Barn, Fawn Female Bullmastiff "Maya"

"Maya" at The Rescue Barn

I am a true Bullmastiff.

I’m looking for a home who is welcoming of my super sweet company, wiggly tail wags and playful Bullmastiff face. I will require a fenced yard and leash control… I’m not so tolerant of other animals. I get very jelous and, to tell you the truth, I’d much rather be your ONLY best friend! I will be a perfect only dog for your quiet home.

I am great in the house, not destructive,  I’m housebroken and love to go for walks.

What a girl!!! Who could resist me??


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